Tawas (Alum) and its health benefit

Tawas is the tagalog term for alum, a chemically hydrated aluminum potassium sulfate that possesses a specific crystal shape. Tawas or alum (common English name) has a chemical formula KAl(SO4)2·12H2O.   It is non-toxic, has somewhat a sweet acidic taste that dissolves easily in water and reacts with acid. There are several types of tawas in the market like potassium alum, soda alum, ammonium alum and aluminum alum, but the more common is the potassium alum that most can buy in drugstores or health stores and from street vendors near churches in the Philippines.

Tawas or alum has varieties of uses. Tawas has industrial, cosmetic, culinary applications as well as some medicinal and health benefits.

The reason why I posted it here is because of the benefit you can get from it and it is proven and tested by my little girl. It’s summer season and the atmosphere is sometimes gravely warm. Even after shower, you can still feel how hot the weather is. You can’t prevent sweat and bad odor even if you’re taking bath several times in a day.

Tawas or alum is also useful for preventing bad odor especially to kids. So, I make it usual to my girl to take a bath with tawas mixed in the water for rinsing. I can see the effect of it for the whole day. My little girl still smells good and odor free.

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